Privacy statement

Preserving everyone’s anonymity and privacy is one our main goals. Being able to chat completely anonymously helps both you and us to be able to support each other in an honest and safe way. Genderpraatjes therefore uses the best technology available in terms of our chat environment when it comes to data safety and privacy. In this way, everything you share is safe and secure with us only for as long as we need it.

Use of personal data

In order for us to improve and for the youth line to exist we do securely store conversations in agreement with the ministry of Health. Genderpraatjes and TNN handles the personal data of callers and callers with the utmost care. Therefore, we want to be open about how we operate. We strive to collect as little personal data as possible. For example, you do not have to provide unnecessary data when you contact us and we do not place cookies for purposes other than those necessary for our website to function. When you chat with us in our secure chat environment we only story your digital nickname and conversation data. This data is not shared and is only used internally by us to train our volunteers. We keep this data by default for one year.

You may also share certain personal data over the phone in conversation with us so that we can better help or refer you. We never store this data for longer than the conversation lasts. Genderpraatjes and TNN comply with the Personal Data Protection Act in all cases. Outside of the aforementioned processing purposes, TNN does not process your personal data without your prior consent.


Who can see your data

Generally, only the volunteer you have chatted with can look back the conversation history without the possibility of sharing it. This way, a volunteer can reflect on the conversation and improve the help we offer. This conversation history is always anonymous, unless you yourself have chosen in the chat to share your name or other details.

The volunteer may want feedback on the conversation, perhaps because they thought they could have handled it differently. In this case the chat history can be shared with one of our coordinators so they can support in training the volunteer. You can also request your chat history from us for review. Removal of chat history is only possible insofar as Genderpraatjes can still fulfil their legal obligations. You can submit your request by letter, stating your name, address, place of residence, telephone number and a copy of a valid ID. You can address your letter to: TNN, Atlantisplein 1 (room 2.14), 1093 NE Amsterdam. It is important that if you provide a copy of your identification, you make the BSN, document identification number and Machine-Readable Zone (MRZ) black (or otherwise unreadable) for TNN. This way, handing over chat history can be done securely.


Sharing data with third parties

Your data will never be rented, sold or otherwise shared with or provided to third parties. Genderpraatjes may share your (personal) data with third parties if you have given permission to do so, for example in order to refer you. Genderpraatjes provides personal information to enforcement authorities or organizations fighting fraud when necessary to fulfill a legal obligation, but as a matter of principle we do not store such data unless the contact person chooses to share it in a chat conversation.



As a result of this information, are there any specific questions or comments about our privacy statement? Feel free to contact us at the email address via the homepage!



The privacy statement was last modified on: February 26, 2021.