Become a volunteer

Genderpraatjes is an accessible youth helpline by Transgender Netwerk Nederland (TNN) and Transvisie. The youth line is for young people (12-25 years) who have questions about their gender. It may be about, how do I talk to my parents or school about my ways of being addressed? What is the first step I should take if I want to start transitioning? Or how do I connect with other transgender youth? The youth line is also for young people who simply want to tell their story to an expert who understands them. It is the place where young people can safely and completely anonymously start a conversation via chat, phone or email.

As a volunteer at Genderpraatjes, you will primarily offer a listening ear, answer questions without judgment, know how to spot “the question behind the question”, and refer when necessary. Having some knowledge of the field of transgender care is an advantage. You may have to confront difficult situations in which the young people who contact us find themselves. As an experiential expert you do not take the place of the caregiver, but you do know how to connect with the other with your experience. To help you do this, you will be trained in supporting people from your role as an expert by experience and directing them to the right help when needed. For this work it is important that you are interested in your fellow man and that you want to learn what it takes to be an expert by experience. You as a volunteer and experiential expert make the difference for the young people who contact us.

What we ask:
You are at least 18 years old (we particularly encourage 18 – 30 year olds to apply).
– You identify as transgender or non-binary.
– You can listen well, relate to the community and act as an equal.
– You are happy to provide support, information and advice.
– You intend to commit yourself as a volunteer for at least a year, for at least one shift a week (2 hours).
– You are willing and able to complete the training program as offered.
– Meet with each other at least once a month for peer review.

What we offer:
– Training in conversation skills, domestic violence detection, ervaringdeskundigheid and suicide prevention.
– Growth opportunities in competencies such as self-development and solution-focused work.
– A boost for your CV.
– The opportunity to contribute to the welfare of young people within the community.
– A driven, friendly and enthusiastic team of staff and volunteers.
– Guidance and support from Genderpraatjes coordinators
– Knowledge of the social card and transgender care.
– The possibility to work from home.
– Expenses paid

Do you recognise yourself in any of the above and are you interested or have any further questions? Please let us know via [email protected]